Could Eye Drops Replace Reading Glasses?

Submitted by jessiekeiser on Mon, 04/27/2020 - 20:59

As we age it is common for our eyes to lose our nearsighted vision, presbyopia. This happens as a result of our lens stiffening and losing flexibility as we age. Instead of having to wear glasses or contacts, scientists are working on eye drops that will be able to correct presbyopia.



Currently, eye drops are used for things like dry eyes, eye infections, minor eye injuries, or glaucoma. However, these eye drops could help correct our vision problems at least as much as reading glasses. There are two different kinds of eye drop to help with presbyopia that are being developed. The first being Mitotic drops. The Mitotic drops work by causing the pupil to contract to restrict the amount of the out of focus information that is able to enter our eye. It is estimated that these eye drops will work for 4-7 hours before the effects wear off. Currently, there are three brands that are developing miotic drops, Allergan, Presbyopia Therapies, and Orasis Pharmaceuticals. All of them are undergoing FDA trials before they are released. 



The second type of eye drop that is under development is the lens-softening eye drops. This eye drops work by softening your lens and giving it back some of its flexibility.  It is thought that these eye drops work to break down the crystallins in the lens fiber cells. Crystallins seem to increase with age and Developers say that these eye drops will not completely restore your nearsighted vision however they should be able to improve your nearsighted vision to how it was 10 years ago. Current research indicates that these eye drops could work for several years before the effects wear off. There is one brand, Novartis, who is developing these eye drops. Currently, they are also undergoing FDA trials. 


Obviously these eye drops have more testing to go through before they get FDA approval but they could be available soon.