Twitter Post: Spring Allergies and Watery Eyes

Submitted by kaelynchang on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 22:26

Tweet 1: As the weather begins to warm again, flowers and seasonal plants will begin to bloom. Along with this resurgence of pollen comes a common issue among individuals that deal with allergy flare-ups each spring – itchy, watery eyes. 

Tweet 2: The root cause of this phenomenon is the result of a certain compound involved in local immune responses called Histamine. Histamine is released by cells as a response to allergies and inflammation. It causes smooth muscle to contract, which widens blood capillaries. 

Tweet 3: While it may seem proactive to itch your watery eyes, in reality, this can cause reflex tearing. This means that the relief you feel is only temporary, due to the secretion from meibomian glands. Unfortunately, rubbing your eyes will only disrupt blood flow and pressure.

Tweet 4: To alleviate watery eye symptoms due to seasonal allergies, try rinsing with saline, using a moist, cold towel, or swapping out your contact lenses for glasses until your symptoms are lessened. 



Red, Watery, Itchy Eyes? Allergic Conjunctivitis


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Text looks good - were the pictures going to go in between the text?