Types of Tears *Twitter*

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Title Tweet: Types of Tears

Tweet 1: When you're overcome with emotion you might cry, but did you know that these tears have a different composition than other tears? Researchers have identified three main types of tears. 

Tweet 2: Emotional tears occur during an episode of intense emotion, whether it be boundless happiness or extreme sadness. These tears contain water and traces of certain stress chemicals. 

Tweet 3: This release of stress chemicals could be why it is cathartic to cry: it relieves stress. As of now, only humans are found to produce this type of tear. 

Tweet 4: When dust, particles, or other irritants get in your eye, you will produce basal tears. These are the most complex tear type, with three separate layers that work to coat and protect the eye. 

Tweet 5: Basal tears also protect the cornea and rest of the eye from drying out. You are constantly releasing these tears, even if you do not realize it! 

Tweet 6: The last type of tears are known as reflex tears. These tears contain the most water. They occur when a large particle, such as a pebble or a bug gets into your eye to flush it out. 

Tweet 7: Overall, our tears are optimized to certain situations, with each tear type being utilized for a certain task. Different types of tears work in tandem to keep the eye protected. 

Final Tweet: If you’re interested in learning about a cool application of tears, check out our previous post on tear drops and diagnostics! 


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