Eye Development From Infancy to Toddler Age (Expansion)

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From infancy to toddler age, eye tissues and visual abilities develop significantly. Before babies are born, their eyes begin to develop within the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Specifically, the optic cup serves as a foundation for the retina, a vital layer of the eye that allows for the processing of light. 

When a baby is born, their vision is not very good. This is due to the eyes continuing to change shape, as well as learning how to visualize the various levels of light around them. As babies continue to develop, their vision grows in concordance with their brain development. Around the age of 5 months, babies are believed to have adequate color vision.

At the age of 1-2, children have enhanced hand-eye coordination and depth perception. Although this development is occurring, "visual searching" may still be a difficult task for children of this age, as childrens' eyes are not fully developed until the age of 4-6.