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Cones are a type of photoreceptor cell in the retina responsible for color vision and eye sensitivity. These cells can see blue, green, and red wavelengths of light and can see mixtures of wavelengths to see the colors in between. Sometimes people may have issues with these photoreceptor cells and this can cause color blindness.

Color Vision

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Trichromacy is known as normal color vision where all three cone cell types have normal functioning. Anomalous trichromacy is when all three cone cells are functioning, but one type is perceiving light slightly out of alignment. This causes difficulty in identifying shades of color.


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Protanomaly is a kind of anomalous trichromacy referred to as “red-weakness”. These individuals have a harder time discerning red, orange, and yellow shades of color.



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Deuteranomaly is a kind of anomalous trichromacy where the green cones have a decreased sensitivity. This is an X-linked trait, so males are more likely to have this deficiency, and it is the most common type of color blindness. 



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Tritanomaly is the most rare type of anomalous trichromacy where the blue cones have a decreased sensitivity. Less than 0.01% of individuals are affected by it. These individuals may have issues distinguishing yellow and blue shades. The world generally appears as red, [ink, black, white, gray, and turquoise.


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People with dichromatic color vision only have two types of cones that can perceive color. Protanopia is the inability to perceive red light, deuteranopia is the inability to perceive green light, and tritanopia is the inability to perceive blue light.

What are the different types of Color blindness? | IrisTech


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Monochromacy is the inability to perceive any color, so these individuals live in a black-and-white world.

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Sounds good - I think someone made a post about color vision last semester - maybe you can find it and link to it?