Expansion Instagram Post: The Lymphatic System in the Eyes

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Our bodies regulate many different systems that maintain our overall health and wellbeing. One of these systems, the Lymphatic System, is responsible for controlling the fluid levels in our blood vessels and tissues. Additionally, it plays a large role in immune responses, and contains various lymphatic organs.

When you think of this system, you may not immediately acknowledge its role in the eyes. However, the eyes contain several vital blood vessels that provide functionality and proper nutrition to them. It was previously believed that there was no lymphatic outflow from the eye. Recently, it was discovered that the eye contains 2 major fluid-draining systems: Schlemm’s canal and the trabecular meshwork.

These 2 fluid-draining systems allow various portions of the eye to control their fluid levels, which are important to regulate in order to avoid swollen or puffy eyes. Specifically, Schlemm’s canal helps drain aqueous humor from the anterior region of the eye. Aqueous humor is the clear fluid that fills the space between the cornea and the lens of the eye. On the other hand, the trabecular meshwork performs regulated contractions to carefully control fluid outflow. It is vital to maintain these fluid levels because they are closely related to the intraocular pressure of the eye, which helps preserve vision.

Enhancing the overall lymphatic system will enhance this fluid drainage system to function effectively. Here are a few tips to promote the activity of your lymphatic system:

  • Exercise regularly to promote lymphatic circulation and flow
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing that may constrict lymphatic flow
  • Drink ample amounts of water each day 


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Sounds good.  I knew of these structures, but I hadn't thought of them at part of the lymphatic system.