The Power of Contoura Vision

Submitted by maanavm on Wed, 01/25/2023 - 14:48

Tweet 1: Most people who have glasses or know at least something about the eye have heard of The term “LASIK” but there is recent innovation that is taking LASIK a step further.


Tweet 2: Contoura LASIK, a more customized approach to LASIK surgery, takes into account the unique topography of a patient’s eye and adjusts the procedure accordingly to the patient.  Although this is a costly procedure (greater than $4,000), it is a safe method causing a higher level of acuity. 


Topography of the eye shown via Contoura Lasik


Tweet 3: Contoura Vision was introduced in 2015 by Alcon, a company specializing in eye care products and it is used to treat the following refractive errors: hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and astigmatism.



Alcon logo


Tweet 4: Contoura LASIK is unique because it is topography- guided, meaning the eye’s topography is mapped out head of time and used to provide customized treatment. This works especially for individuals with abnormal corneal surfaces 


Tweet 5: The most common risks for Contoura Vision and other similar procedures include dry eye syndrome, swelling turning into glaucoma, infection, and glares/halos.



Glaucoma, a potential risk of Contoura surgery


Tweet 6: Wavefront LASIK is an alternative option to Contoura and involves mapping the eye out with a laser to project a 3D image. According to a comparative study of both procedures, both produced safe and effective results, however the topographical (Contoura) approach produced fewer complications. 



3D image of eye shown via Wavefront LASIK